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Bob Matthews
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"I've been singing about my Lord for many years..."  Those are the words to the Squire Parsons song "I Sing Because", and they describe what I've been doing for over twenty five years.  I started singing publicly I the early 80's with a male quartet called "The Fellowship Singers", and I've been singing ever since.  I am committed to spreading the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through music, and it is my hope and prayer that it will be uplifting to the believer, and help bring those who may be lost; hurting, or searching to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

I do sing the song "I Sing Because", and as it further says; "there is an empty grave; a power that saves; His grace is real to me; because I am not alone; someday I'm going home; where I shall I sing for all eternity." I'd like for everyone to spend eternity with Jesus Christ and sing with me in that Heavenly Choir.

If I can be a part of your church service, or event, just call me at 706-830-5645.

20 Jan 2017 

Christian Fellowship Baptist Church 4625 Hwy 321, Gaston, SC

7:00 pm

17 Mar 2017  Sand Ridge Baptist Church
301 Sand Ridge Baptist Rd,
Ninety-Six, SC 29666
7:00 pm
8 Apr 2017   Purvis Community Center
6981 Purvis School Rd
Stapleton, GA 30823
7:00 pm